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T Bear Disposal has disposal bins for commercial and residential use from 10 yards to 40 yards

10 yard Disposal Bin

18′ long, 8′ wide, 2′ high

for concrete/dirt/tile/brick

20 yard Disposal Bin

18′ long, 9′ wide, 4′ high

for for yard or site cleanup/renovation/steel/gravel/asphalt roofing

30 yard Disposal Bin

18′ long, 8′ wide, 7′ high

for the larger spring clean up or site clean up

40 yard Disposal Bin

for wood/lighter bulky loads/roofing/cardboard

If you have a need and are not sure which size bin to use, we will be glad to help you figure it out. We at T Bear Disposal make every effort to direct all materials to the proper recycling station.

T Bear Disposal - disposal bins

Disposal Bins


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